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The Alberta Envirothon is a high school competition where teams compete on their knowledge of environmental science and natural resources through a series of field station and written tests that put their teamwork and problem solving skills to the test, and an oral presentation where teams present their solution to a complex environmental issue.

How the 2024 Competition will be Scored

The competition scoring is based on both written tests and an oral scenario presentation which total to 700 points:


On day 2 of the competition, students will work as a team to complete tests in the following subjects:

  1. Aquatic Ecology

  2. Forestry

  3. Soils and Land Use

  4. Wildlife

  5. Current Issue 

Each test is worth an equivalent value.

Each test is worth 100 points (500 points total).

Written Tests

Students will be given a scenario-style question prior to the event which relates to the current issue. They must work together to prepare a presentation prior to the event that answers the question given.

Students will present live at the competition in front of a panel of judges.

Oral presentation scores will be based upon the rubric approved by the AB Envirothon Board.

The oral presentation is worth 200 points.

Oral Scenario Presentation

2024 Scoring & Rules Handout 

Final team placements will be determined by adding the test scores and the final oral presentation score. 

The top 3 team scores are awarded cash prizes and trophies.

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