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Field Stations


  • Teams will rotate through 5 stations according to the provided time schedule. 

  • Teams must stay at each designated station for the duration of the allocated time and can only move to the next station when announced.  

  • The completed test must be handed in at each station at the end of the allocated time, before moving on to the next station.  

  • EduKit resource material will be available for teams to use during the test. No other resources or notes are allowed to be used during the exams.

  • No cell phones, cameras or computers are permitted during the testing or during the learning sessions.

  • Team advisors cannot interact with or assist students during the testing.

2024 Scoring & Rules Handout 

Wildlife station
Forestry station
Wildlife station
Soils and Land Use Station
Forestry Station
Aquatics Station
Aquatics Station
Test writing
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