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  • A scenario (complex environmental issue) related to the annual theme will be provided to teams prior to the competition.

  • Teams are required to prepare a response to the scenario and present to a panel of judges how they would implement solutions to the problem.

  • A list of materials permitted for use during the presentation will be provided.   

  • Team oral presentations will be a maximum 15 minutes in length, followed by five minutes of question and answer with the judges.

  • All team members must participate orally during the presentation.

  • During presentations, no locality/affiliation identification, either written or verbal, is permitted.

  • Only the presentation aids and materials provided or approved by the Envirothon Board may be used during the presentation.

  • Oral presentation scores will be based upon the rubric approved by the Envirothon Board.

  • The audience (advisors, teachers, guests) may observe the oral presentations, but there must be NO communication or coaching. Any interaction could result in dismissal, disqualification, or a penalty. The audience must stay in the presentation room until their team has presented. No teams are allowed to watch other presentations.

  • No photography or recording devices shall be permitted, unless approved by the Envirothon Board.

  • All judges’ decisions are final.

2024 Scoring & Rules Handout

2024 Scenario

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