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Preparing Your Team

  • Each team should consist of five to six students from Grades 9-12.  A team advisor (usually a teacher) is responsible for registering their team(s) and assisting with training and preparing the students. 

  • Teams have the option to receive an EduKit filled with educational resources (ID books, print materials, field test kits, tools, etc.) related to each topic of study. 

  • We recommend teams refer to these resources when preparing and studying for the competition, but that they also conduct their own research for helpful resources, reach out to local subject matter experts and resource professionals and possibly include some field trips or outdoor fieldwork. 

  • A series of workshops and presentations are offered at the provincial Envirothon to also help prepare teams. 

Envirothon Resources

We have many study resources available to help students prepare for the competition.

Visit our Current Issue page for the current year's key topics and learning objectives.  

Visit our other study pages for information that is relevant to each of the key learning pillars:

The NCF-Envirothon website also has helpful curriculum guidelines, sample test questions and more. 

Example Edukit Resources:

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