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Standing in Solidarity with the First Peoples of Turtle Island

Reconciliation in Action = ReconciliACTION

We are striving to move forward in a good way with the First Peoples of Turtle Island (the unceded land that we

now call Canada). This begins with learning the truth about our history, acknowledging past and ongoing harms,

creating a new path forward together in the spirit of transformative reconciliation,

and honoring our promises as Treaty Partners.

Each person is responsible for their own learning and unlearning journey.

We are working with Cultural Advisors to guide us in Indigenizing Envirothon.

In 2024, we are welcoming several Indigenous Elders, Knowledge Keepers/Traditional Knowledge Holders, and

Land Guardians to our provincial event to provide cultural teachings and experiences as well as to observe and provide feedback throughout the event that we can incorporate to make our event better in the future.

Our intention is to embrace a two-eyed seeing approach in a safe and caring space that is welcoming to all.

All Hands In
Mountain Ridge

Vivian McDonald

Culture Carrier. Traditional Knowledge Holder. Artist & Artisan. Fluent in Cree, Vivian McDonald is of Cree/Iroquois ancestry and is a member of the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation which is a unique Indigenous community set in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Grande Cache, Alberta.  Her ancestors were part of the people forcibly removed from the Jasper area when it was turned into a National Park in the early 1900’s.


Through her traditional upbringing on her parents trapline, Vivian was taught how to bead, create leather clothing, hunt, trap, fish, and harvest various medicinal plants and berries from the land.  As a result of all the teachings she received during her childhood, Vivian knows how to live and thrive on the land. Vivian was also educated on the ceremonies and protocol of her culture. With a deep respect for the land that was instilled in her while growing up, Vivian continues to live a land-based lifestyle.


A master bead artist and expert traditional smoked hide tanner, Vivian started her company Ochitow Lifestyle & Design in 2019. Through this company Vivian hopes to share her culture with others. To date, Vivians’ creations have been sold throughout Canada, United States, China, and the UK. Her beaded clothing and jewellery have been in several different fashion shows. Vivian is often called upon as a Cultural Advisor as well as a translator.

We are so grateful that Vivian is working with us!

Dandelion Seeds

Alison Struth

Alison is a reconnector to her Mi’kmaw ancestry, who holds great responsibility for reconciliation through her settler heritage. Alison holds a diploma in Forest Technology, a degree in Environmental Forest Conservation, and a degree in Education (Science).  She is an advocate of bringing Indigenous Knowledge Systems to the forefront of environmental practices. For over 8 years she has taught Indigenous Studies at the high school level in Alberta, ensuring the premise of ‘Nothing About Us, Without Us’ is followed. She now coaches teachers, through her company INOQOM Education, in following this premise and practice, through the creation of community connections with Indigenous voices and guidance. With the guidance of Elders, Land Stewards, Language Protectors, and Culture Carriers, Alison strives to create relationships that bring live experiences to youth. Before her role as an educator, Alison worked for a Tribal Council of 11 First Nation communities in NWO in forest resource management. Although she is proud to be a volunteer for cultural and nature-based events,

her greatest pride is being that of a helper. 

“Being blessed to guide others, is a gift I do not take lightly.  Advocacy through awareness & appreciation is my goal for those I guide. I am honoured to have Elders and Knowledge Keepers steering me in this learning journey”

Envirothon will benefit immensely from Ali's experiences, and we are delighted to have her

working with us.


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