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Aquatic Ecology

External Videos

Hidden Water (groundwater video) - 

What's a Watershed? -

Riparian Health Assessment for Lakes and Wetlands How Healthy is Your Riparian Area: Riparian Health Assessment for Wetlands and Lakes - YouTube

Riparian Health Assessment for Streams and Small Rivers - 

Where the Wild Things Thrive Where the Wild Things Thrive - YouTube  

Alberta Resources

The Water Channel -  

Facts about water in Alberta - 

Protecting the quality of water in Alberta -  

Caring for our watersheds 

Alberta Water Portal - 

Alberta Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) - 

Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) - 

Alberta Water Council - 

Cows and Fish (Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society) - 

Inside Education - 

Aquatic Animal Identification Guide - Aquatic Guide (

CCME Freshwater Guidelines - Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment | Le Conseil canadien des ministres de l'environment (

Key Points from NCF

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