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Adapting to a Changing Climate

Key Study Materials from Alberta Envirothon

Video 1: Changing for Climate

Meet Lydia (Lida) Fialka BSc. (She/Her), Community Programs Coordinator of the Energy Transition Programs (Environment & Climate Resilience | Planning & Environmental Services), City of Edmonton. Here, she introduces the Changing for Climate Video Series.

Climate change affects everyone. Luckily, there are 1 million of us in Edmonton who can make a change. Meet the everyday Edmontonians, businesses and organizations who are actively Changing for Climate. Every action counts, and gets us closer to our goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Watch the series here:

Video 2: Local Scale Planning

In this talk, Sarah Kehler discusses how planning for climate change can help communities adapt. She begins by introducing what adaptation planning is, covering its benefits and risks, and overviewing what communities need to make adaptation work. Lastly, she concludes with how resilient development lays the foundation for effective adaptation planning. 

Sarah Kehler, MSc, is a PhD candidate and Senior Research Associate in the Climate Adaptation and Resilience Lab, University of Alberta. Sarah has an MSc in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and a BA with a double major in Human Geography and Design. Her research is interdisciplinary in scope and explores the broad theme of environmental resilience. Specifically, Sarah’s research investigates how local scale governance and decision dynamics can impact the extent of adaptation planning and, more generally, disaster risk reduction

Video 3: Climate Mitigation vs Adaptation

Join Breanne Aylward, MSc, BSc (she/her), a PhD Student in the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta, as she explores climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.
Check out these resources to learn more: 

Video 4: Exploring Urban Heat Islands

Video 5: Conservation in the North- People, Places, Species


Paul McCarney is a researcher and instructor at Yukon University in Whitehorse, Yukon. His research focuses on the intersection of social science, natural science, and local and Traditional Knowledge to support conservation and anti-colonialism.

Videos 6, 7, 8- Energy Series

Erin Daly (she/her) is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Science at the University of Alberta. Her research is focused on the assessment of perennial cereals in central Alberta: productivity and environmental performance.

Video 9: Policy- Wetland Case Study

Bart Musse is a Policy Specialist who works for Ducks Unlmited Canada, and organization that works to conserve wetlands and natural spaces for waterfowl, wildlife, and people.


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Additional Study Materials

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