Alberta Envirothon is a team-based academic environmental education competition for high school students.

The winning team has the chance to represent Alberta at the:


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Support Us


The Alberta Envirothon could not operate without support. Sponsorship and support comes in many forms including: in-kind support, donations, supplies, event participation, and assistance with operations. Average annual cost is approximately $18,000 (excluding accommodations and food which have been previously provided in kind, financed by Alberta Envirothon or partially covered by individual teams), with the majority of costs related to supporting teams (e.g. travel subsidies, First Nations support, support for the NCF-Envirothon (international competition) and team awards (e.g. prizes, trophies, t-shirts, other promotional items).


Alberta Envirothon needs people and support to run programs and annual competitions. Board members, presenters, subject experts, educators, event helpers, planners, communicators, designers, and computer savvy folks are all needed. We encourage individuals and groups with interests or experience in environmental sciences, natural resource management, and/or education to get involved.

How to Support:

Options for in-kind support include:

  • Board members and directors

  • Presenters and educators

  • Tradeshow speakers

  • Subject matter experts

  • Discussion panel participants

  • Event volunteers, planners

  • Communications experts

  • Visual designers

  • Website designers

  • Housing and food

In-kind and financial support has been provided by a variety of organizations including:

  • AGAT Laboratories

  • Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta 

  • Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society

  • Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

  • Alberta Conservation Association

  • Alberta Environment and Parks

  • College of Alberta Professional Forest Technologists

  • College of Alberta Professional Foresters

  • ConocoPhillips

  • County of Grande Prairie

  • Cows and Fish

  • Devon Energy

  • Encana


  • fRI Research

  • Grande Prairie Environmental Education Society

  • Hinton Training Centre

  • KB Prairie Consulting Ltd

  • KMSC Law

  • Lac Ste. Anne County

  • Parkland County

  • Peace Airshed Zone Association

  • Peace Region Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen

  • University of Alberta

  • West Fraser (Hinton Wood Products)

  • Work Wild